Brain-Dead Debbie Wasserman Schultz Says Spending Cuts Making Staffers Go Hungry

The perm solution Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz slathers her head in must have seeped into Wasserman Schultz’s brain because she is saying that the Automatic federal spending cuts are causing her staffers to go hungry.

Wasserman Schultz even laughingly said, “We have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the quality of life in the House of Representatives.”

What a stupid f’ing liberal dumb ass! Get a clue you perm-headded skank!!

Automatic federal cuts are bringing staffers to the brink of starvation, suggested Debbie Wasserman Schultz, at a recent House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee hearing.

Restaurants on the House side of Congress are increasing in cost so much that aides are being “priced out” of a good meal, she said, as Fox News reported. The comments came by way of a discussion about the

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