WATERGATE ON STEROIDS: Systemic Obama-Era Democrat Corruption Coming to Lights Puts Watergate to Shame!

Democrats should be getting very worried now that their scams are starting to come to light, and Republicans finally start to fight back.

When Trey Gowdy and Judicial Watch says that Democrat criminals should be very worried, now that the extent of the Democrat corruption aimed at destroying President Trump and his popular policies are starting to be revealed, I believe them!

These Democrat criminals each need actual prison time in order to pay for their crimes and corruption.


Everyone in America should get down on their knees and thank Judicial Watch for all of the great work that they do, because if it were not for Judicial Watch, we would not know a lot of the things that we now know the Democrats are doing behind the scenes to try and protect Democrat criminals, while falsely attacking President Trump with false information, in hopes of destroying the Trump presidency.

Honestly, I don’t think the pussy Republicans will hold the Democrat criminals accountable in the long run. Probably because some of the powerful Republicans are just Democrats in disguise, and are probably just as corrupt, and they know that if they take down the corrupt Democrats, that the corrupt Republicans would be taken down with the sinking Democrat ship.

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