Obama & Democrats are True Enemy of Black Community as Black Unemployment Skyrockets and Black Homeownership Hits 18 Year Low

Brainwashed black people seem to believe Obama and the Democrat lies about conservatives, but do no black people do their own research to see who the true enemy of the Black population really is?

If Black people spent 5 minutes reading their history or doing research into Obama and the Democrat’s policies, and weat they mean to black people, they would see that Democrats are the true racists. Always have been, and always will be.

  • Democrats voted in favor of segregation.
  • Jim Crow was a Democrat
  • The KKK was started by Democrats
  • Democrats were the people fighting in the Civil War to keep black people in the chains of slavery
  • The Republican Party was formed to fight against the racist Democrats
  • The man who did the most for Blacks was Republican President Abraham Lincoln –

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