Romney During 1st Presidential Debate: Says ‘This is Fun!’

From the first few seconds of last night’s presidential debate it was clear that Mitt Romney was on his game.
It was easy to see that Romney felt much more comfortable on the stage than Obama did, and it showed through every aspect of the debate.

Romney During 1st Presidential Debate: Says 'This is Fun!'

Romney During 1st Presidential Debate: Says ‘This is Fun!’

Though we doubt that Obama felt the same way, at one point of the debate Mitt Romney even said “This is Fun!”

Party like it’s 1980!

Bewildered and lost without his teleprompter, President Obama flailed all around the debate stage last night. He was stuttering, nervous and petulant. It was like he had been called in front of the principal after goofing around for four years and blowing off all his homework.

Not since Jimmy Carter faced Ronald Reagan has

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Racist Democrat Sen Louise Lucas Falsely Plays Race Card For Obama

Racist Democrat Sen Louise Lucas pulls and plays the race card against Romney on behalf of president Obama, and even admits brainwashing her kids to make them racist like she is. I am completely sickened by this racist that people elected to the Senate!

“Mitt Romney he’s speaking to a … segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a white man in the White House or any other elected position.Let’s be real clear about it. We know what’s going on here, and some people may be afraid to say it, but I’m not. I’m not afraid to say it. He’s speaking to that friends out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position”

Then the sick racist Democrat Sen Louise

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MSNBC Plays Race Card Against AP For Accurate Transcription of Obama’s Speech

So, Obama can speak in Ebonics, but nobody is allowed to transcribe the actual words Obama speaks, without being called a racist..

If it was not considered racist to speak the way that Obama spoke in his speech to the Black Caucus, then not editing Obama’s spoken words to include the G’s at the end of his words cannot be racist either. If the AP removed the G’s from Obama’s words on their own, then I’d say that a charge of racism may be a little more warranted, but the AP accurately transcribed Obama’s actual words.

I think the real issue is that the Democrats don’t like that Obama sounds like a total idiot when he tries to speak like he is one of the middle class people he is speaking to. Normally, the corrupt …

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