Obama Doesn’t REALLY Care About Black People – Black Unemployment Sky-High

Obama Doesn't REALLY Care About Black People - Black Unemployment Sky-HighObama as done absolutely nothing for the Black Community, and even less for blacks who are unemployed.

Instead of helping blacks, he has squandered away funds that could have been used to help on green energy companies that were already failing, and who ended up taking huge amounts of our money, only to file bankruptcy, making our money disappear in a quick poof of air.

Obama knew that these companies would go under, but saw an easy way to line the pockets of his friends and supporters with our money, in exchange for more political donations, and voter fraud to help win the election.

Democrats and blacks seem to hate President Bush, but in reality President Bush was the only president who gave a damn about the Black Community. Under President Bush, black unemployment was …

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Obama Gave Solyndra Shareholders and Executives $500 Million “Thank You” For Donations

The more that we learn about the Solyndra Scandal, the more it looks like Obama used our money to repay some of his major contributors, who were the shareholders and executives of the company who received a $500 million loan shortly before filing for bankruptcy.

POOF!!! Another half a billion dollars obviously misused and wasted by the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation.

We know that the badly failed Obama stimulus was just a veiled “Thank You” payout to the unions, in hopes that a good chunk of that money would flow back into the Democrat coffers, in the form of campaign contributions, (basically, political money laundering) but how many more Solyndras are out there?

A solar energy company that intends to file for bankruptcy received $535 million in backing from the

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