Libtard High School Dropout Fast Food Workers Demanding $15/Hr Replaced by ‘Flippy’ The Burger Flipping Robot

The mob of brainless libtard high school dropouts demanding at least $15/hr for slinging fast food have accelerated the development of burger flipping machines, and other fast food automation, which will all but do away with most fast food jobs.

Now one fast food chain in California will be switching to using a burger-flipping robot named “Flippy”, instead of entitled zit-faced losers with no high school diploma, and many more fast food restaurants will do the same.

We know.. the brainless losers will just glob onto some other low-paying industry, like dog poop picker-upper, and then demand $15/hr to do that job.

Too bad for the $15/hr idiots that there aren’t many other industries that they can try and fleece the same way, and the truth is that automation will follow them into whatever industry they decide to migrate to once the fast food jobs are gone, because anytime a workforce gets too costly the industry will find a new way of doing those high priced positions with a robot.

Robots don’t call in sick, steal, take smoke breaks every 10 minutes, spend half the day on Facebook, taking hundreds of selfies, or fuck up people’s orders because it was too stoned to do it’s job, and most attractive of all, robots don’t try and hold the employee hostage for higher wages that they are worth as the human workers do.

It’s pretty fucking funny to me that the group of libtard high school dropout losers fighting for $15/hr really just shot their own dick off, and made things much worse for themselves and every other fast food worker in the country.

Now that fast food automation has sped up by a huge degree, there is no restaurant chain that will give $15/hour, unless the company wants to go bankrupt. Fast food workers will probably see their wages go down up until the point where they are no longer needed.

As fast food employees across the U.S. continue to protest for higher wages, a California chain restaurant has decided to hire a new staff member that works for free. The competition for the company’s low-wage workers: a burger-flipping robot named “Flippy.”

CaliBurger has announced they will be installing the high-tech replacement in 50 of their locations around the world. “Flippy,” the robotic kitchen assistant, was created by a California startup company called Miso Robotics and is expected to roll out in 2018.

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“We are excited about the impact Miso’s AI-based solutions will have for the restaurant industry,” Miso’s David Zito said. The CEO added that their creation will likely push workers out of their current jobs.

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