Ultra-Disgusting Whiny Democrat Skank Kathy Griffin Whines That Trump Beheading Stunt Destroyed Career

Disgusting whiny skankbag Kathy Griffin is crying to anyone that will listen about the repercussions of her brainless Trump beheading photo stunt, which has destroyed Griffin’s career beyond repair.

Kathy Griffin claims that she has been added to a “Hollywood blacklist”, and that nobody in the United States will hire her.

Griffin has been forced to do shows overseas because she is toxic in America, and her finances must also be hurting badly because Griffin is selling one of her houses and has even been forced to drop the price.

Kathy Griffin also says that she refuses to do stand-up anymore, because she apparently feels that she is too good for that.

Kathy Griffin says she is in the middle of a “Hollywood blacklist” after taking a photo holding a fake severed head that resembled President Donald Trump.

The comedian is currently on a world standup tour. She says in a YouTube video that when she returns to the U.S. she doesn’t have “one single day of paid work” scheduled. She says she doesn’t want to do free shows or work small clubs and thinks she should be able to get her life back.

Griffin says the Trump photo “offended a lot of people,” but added: “this wall of crap has never fallen on any woman in the history of America like it has on me.”

Griffin initially apologized for the photo published in May before saying she was no longer sorry over the summer.

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