Obama 4 Years Later: Same Tired Speeches – Same Campaign Lies – Same Failed Policies

After 4 failed years in office, Obama continues giving the same tired and divisive speeches of wealth distribution and big government he gave 4 years ago.
We’re not buying it this time around – Obama is a failure.

While Obama was running for President, he said that his presidency would:
Create Jobs – Obama has badly failed creating jobs.
Grow Economy – Obama has badly failed to grow the economy.
End dependence on foreign oil – Obama has badly failed to end our dependence on foreign oil, and has actually made us more dependent on foreign sources of power.
recruit an army of new teachers – Obama has grown the government at an unbelievably quick pace, but teachers and schools have not benefited.
Make college more affordable – The cost of going to college has …

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On Purpose: Obama’s Labor Dept “Overpaid” $14 Billion in Unemployment Benefits

On Purpose: Obama's Labor Dept "Overpaid" $14 Billion in Unemployment Benefits

On Purpose: Obama’s Labor Dept “Overpaid” $14 Billion in Unemployment Benefits

Obama’s Labor Department overpaid unemployment benefits in 2011 by over $14 Billion! Purposefully? We think so!

It is completely unbelievable that this was an accident, and we feel that this was a calculated “mistake” designed to further enslave the people who rely on their unemployment benefits to get by, and keep them firmly in the Democrat’s fold.

It’s really the same thing as the government bailouts and other Obama scams and scandals like Solyndra and other “green energy” scams that were designed to line the pockets of Obama’s friends and supporters.

Don’t spend that unemployment check too fast. The government might ask you to pay it back.

Overpayments are a rampant problem in the unemployment insurance system. The federal government and states overpaid an

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Employed D.C. Government Workers Received Over $800,000 Fraudulent Unemployment Checks

What do you bet that the majority of these “above the law” criminal jackasses who took fraudulent unemployment checks are Democrats??
I would bet almost anything that, out of the 90 employed D.C. government workers, who are scamming the government to get unwarranted and fraudulent unemployment checks, the majority of the criminals are Democrats.

Hopefully, the D.C. Department of Employment Services will release the names of the 90 criminal D.C. government workers, so we can see who these criminals are, and then make sure that these criminals never get another public or government job, as long as they live!

We already know what will happen when the criminals have a chance to make up their excuses for their crimes.
These above the law criminals will most likely try and save their asses by saying their …

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