Corrupt CNN Racists Continues Labeling Zimmerman “White Hispanic” – Is Obama a “Black Caucasian”?

Racist people at CNN keep calling George Zimmerman a “White Hispanic” – but why would they do that?

The answer is because CNN is filled with corrupt and racist dumb-fuck wannabe journalists who can’t bring themselves to say that they were wrong about George Zimmerman, and want to use the race factor to stir up more racial unrest, which the network feeds on.

The liberal media also are brian-dead sheep that go along with everything that the Obama administration and their cronies say, so when Obama, Holder, and the Congressional Black Caucus say something, CNN will parrot it over and over until CNN’s 5 viewers start to believe it.

Using CNN’s thought process though, I guess we need to start calling Obama a “Black Caucasian”.

On Wednesday, CNN once again referred to Hispanic defendant George

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Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown Uses Racial Slur “Niggardly” To Describe Congressional Treatment of Veterans

Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is either a racist, or maybe he just didn’t choose his words very well, but either way it’s not a good situation for Sen. Sherrod Brown, or for the Democrats who play the race card falsely on Republicans all the time.

We wonder how Obama and the Culture of Corruption Democrats will try and turn this around to blame the Republicans. Maybe the Democrats will try and claim that it’s the Republican interpretation of the word “niggardly” which is racist. Or maybe the Democrats will try and attack the news outlet who broke the story, but everyone knows the Democrat Racism Tricks by now, so we don’t think the Democrat attempts to place blame elsewhere will work.

It’s a word that has caused job-ending consequences in the past for politicians

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