NY ‘Bribery Plot’ to Rig Mayor Race Brings Down Corrupt State Sen. Malcolm Smith, City Councilman Halloran

Democrats always say that there is no voter fraud, or other Democrat corruption affecting elections, but we all know that this is a lie by Democrats to try and keep the avenues of voter fraud open to them in future elections.

A new Democrat/Republican “Bribery Plot” has been uncovered by the FBI, who has arrested corrupt Democrat State Sen. Malcolm Smith, and Republican city Councilman Dan Halloran.

NY 'Bribery Plot' to Rig Mayor Race Brings Down Corrupt State Sen. Malcolm Smith, City Councilman Halloran

The two corrupt jackass politicians were plotting to rig the mayoral election using the same old Democrat election standards used to “elect” Obama – Fraud and Bribes.

This time it was a Corrupt Democrat getting help from an equally corrupt Republican. Probably happens all the time.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith and city Councilman Dan Halloran were arrested this morning on charges they were plotting to rig this year’s

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31 Senators Sign Letter Demanding Holder Appoint Special Prosecutor in Obama Admin Leak Investigation

In a fresh call for special counsel to investigation Obama’s national-security leaks, now 31 senators have signed a letter demanding that Eric Holder stop playing games with the investigation, and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leaks.

This is definitely not something that the corrupt Obama administration or corrupt Holder Justice Department wants to do, and it will be like pulling teeth to try and get the Democrats to run a real investigation, instead of the fake cover-up attempts they have been after by using their own inside people to investigate themselves.

Thirty-one Republican senators have signed a letter calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately appoint a special counsel to investigation national-security leaks from the executive branch.

“The numerous national-security leaks reportedly originating out of the executive branch in recent months have

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