Corrupt & Out-of-Touch: Entitled Washington State Legislators Can Legally Speed Without Fear of Getting Tickets

That’s right! Add the inability to get speeding tickets to the long list of perks that our entitled lawmakers get while “serving the public”.

The excuse of “Serving the Public” that all politicians use is such a crock of shit! All politicians are only out to serve their own interests, not that of the public, unless the “public” is cramming $100 bills into the lawmaker’s pockets.

Washington state legislators are legally able to speed, without fear of getting a ticket, because merely pulling over these jackasses might keep them from casting a vote? That’s complete bullshit! Either they need to leave early enough to make the vote, or they don’t vote, but these corrupt and self-serving assholes shouldn’t be allowed to break the law, without fear of punishment!

Washington state legislators headed to work can’t

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