Updated: Out-Of-Control Hawthorne CA Police Shoot & Kill Dog Protecting Owner From Unlawful Arrest for Filming Cops in Public – Warning Graphic Video

Corrupt and criminal police officers continue to to harass and arrest concern citizens for filming them in public, and Hawthorne CA Police took it a step further, shooting the dog of an innocent man they were in the process of arresting, and roughing up for no reason, other than the man filming the police officers while out in public. Then REFUSE to return his dog’s dead body to him.

Warning Graphic Video!

Filming Police while in public has been ruled to be completely legal over and over again.

It’s hard to see, but you watch the video you can see one of the officers hit the man they were arresting …

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Officers Purposefully Burned Chris Dorner Alive Without Due Process – Cancel $1.2 Million Reward

Officers Purposefully Burned Chris Dorner Alive Without Due Process - Cancel $1.2 Million RewardThe officers who hunted down Chris Dorner say that the fire in the abin which killed the fugitive was accidental, but we all know that this is a complete lie.

Officer radio chatter was recorded telling other officers to “Burn that fucking house down!”, yet they still say that the fire that killed Dorner was “Unintentional”.

Despite the fact that the cabin was purposefully lit ablaze, knowing that Dorner was inside, now the city of Riverside has decided that they will not pay the $1.2 million reward because Dorner was not arrested and convicted, which he would have been if they used the information provided to them to capture Dorner, …

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POLICE COVERUP – San Bernardino Police Intentionally Burned Cabin to Ground – Killing Dorner – Says Fire Unintentional

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon told the media that authorities “did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out.” but we know for a fact that his statement is a complete lie.

Watch this video and listen to the police officers on the scanner telling others to “Burn that fucking house down!”

Their story is a complete bullshit lie. Tear gas canisters DO NOT start fires. That is a cover-up by the police who intentionally killed Mr. Dorner by burning the cabin he was hiding in to the ground, and feel that they will pull the wool over the public’s eyes to hide their crimes.

We …

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Violent Criminal NYPD Officers Brutally Beat Man in NY Jewish Youth Center – File False Police Report After Beating

Watch these piece of shit NYPD officers brutally beating a man – not for assaulting a police officer, as the false police report says, but because the man was sleeping at the Aliya Institute without permission.

The male “officer” acted as though he was auditioning for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or something, as he threw punch after brutal punch, aiming to hit the man in the head and face each time.

These violent police officers not only beat the man for seemingly no reason, but after the violent beating, the corrupt and violent officers then filed a false police report to cover-up their crimes.

Too bad for them that there …

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Power-Hungry Nevada Highway Patrol and Henderson Police Officers Belong In Prison!!!!

Nevada Highway Patrol troopers and Henderson police officers are shown on a Nevada Highway Patrol dashboard camera video during an October 2010 traffic stop in which motorist Adam Greene was mistaken for a drunken driver, pulled from his car by officers and kicked while in a diabetic coma on the pavement.

These power-hungry and criminal “police officers” should be put in prison for their obvious crimes in the abuse of this man!!!

Adam Greene is on his stomach as a pack of police officers pile on him, driving their knees into his back and wrenching his arms and legs. One officer knees him in the ribs; another kicks him in

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Gaffe-King Biden Claims Rapes & Murders Would Increase If Obamas Dangerous “Jobs Plan” Not Passed

Brain-Dead, Gaffe-King, Biden Warns of More Rapes and Murders If Jobs Bill Is Not Passed

Brain-Dead, Gaffe-King, Biden Warns of More Rapes and Murders If Jobs Bill Is Not Passed

Brain-Dead, Gaffe-King, Joe Biden, has tried to make a connection to the number of rapes and murders committed in the U.S. to Mr. Obama’s “Jobs Plan” by saying that “God only knows what the numbers will be this year” if the new “Jobs Plan” is not passed. Good try jack-ass, but I think those hair plugs are making you more of an idiot..

The Democrats, all the way to the top, are continuing to use the politics of fear, as they always do, to try and scare people into supporting their dangerous and brainless policies.…

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Obama, The Compulsive Liar, Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

Obama uses a prime-time address, and a lot of lies to try and save his own hide, while acting like, and quoting republicans to gain support for his re-election campaign.

In the joke of a speech Obama gave on Monday night, where there was at least one lie in every sentence, Obama tried blaming President Bush and Republicans for HIS over-spending binge, in conjunction with Obama’s job-killing policies, which added over $4 Trillion to the debt in under 2 years, and single-handedly caused the economy down-slide and overall dept problem we are currently facing.

Full Transcript of Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech

Good evening. Tonight, I want to talk about the

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Janet Napolitano, DHS Characterize White Middle-Class Americans as Terrorists

The Department of Homeland Security is a complete joke, and Janet Napolitano is an idiot!

We have been attacked no less than 4 times under the “protection” of Janet Napolitano and the corrupt Democrats. The Department of Homeland Security didn’t protect us, and didn’t stop the terrorists. The ONLY reason why we didn’t lose thousands of lives is because the terrorists couldn’t make bombs that exploded correctly.

Now these jackasses spend $10 million of our money to make a video explaining how white middle class Americans are the people they prescribe a path to terrorism for, not the real Islamic terrorists who have been attacking everyone for years, and will …

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