Obama Has Driven U.S. Off Financial Cliff – Wasting $ Trillions of Taxpayer Money

Obama likes attacking Mitt Romney for his time at Bain Capital – a company that has saved or created far more jobs than the Obama administration – yet Obama’s record in the financial field is the worst of anyone we have ever seen! Obama has wasted $ Trillions of taxpayer money to pay off his friends and supporters, and to help buy the next election.

Lets look at just a few of Obama’s Financial Failures.

  • Obama gave Raser Technologies $33 million taxpayer-funded grant while the company still owes $1.5 million in back taxes
  • Obama gave ECOtality – a failing company – $126.2 million in taxpayer money – Now tells Obama administration “We may not achieve or sustain profitability on a quarterly or annual basis in the future.”
  • Obama gave Nevada Geothermal Power a $98.5 million

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