Obama Back on Teleprompter Day After Meltdown – Memory Problems May Require Teleprompter Use

USBACKLASH seriously wonders if years of drug abuse may have created memory problems for Obama, where now he actually does need his teleprompter to remember what he wants to say.

Obama’s teleprompter is his crutch. He needs the teleprompter to be able to speak without an annoying string of “uh’s”, “and’s”, and “um’s” between every few words, which sounds like short term memory loss, which could very possible be caused by years of drug abuse, well-documented and openly admitted to in Obama’s own book.

It has been proven that years of drug use, such as marijuana and cocaine, which Obama had both admitted to using, can cause memory problems, and a loss of IQ.

We hope this isn’t the case, and Obama has no memory problems, but maybe it is best if he is …

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