Phoenix Police Kill Innocent Man – Man Dragged Down Steps Face-First After Being Tasered & Choked Unconscious

Each and every one of these criminal Phoeniz “Police Officers” need to be charged with murder, and sent to prison, after killing this innocent man for no reason. The only thing that the man did to make the Phoenix Police murder him was just sitting on the roof of his home.

The concerned police tasered the innocent man him off the roof, choked the innocent man unconscious, and then dragged him down the stairs, face-first, so that his face and head smashed against every step, and ended up killing the man.

Watch the soon-to-be-criminally-charged “police officer” choke the man, after he was already hurt after being Tased off the roof.

We hope that each of the criminal Phoenix police officers in this video are all charged and convicted of murder, and I hope that the …

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Updated: Out-Of-Control Hawthorne CA Police Shoot & Kill Dog Protecting Owner From Unlawful Arrest for Filming Cops in Public – Warning Graphic Video

Corrupt and criminal police officers continue to to harass and arrest concern citizens for filming them in public, and Hawthorne CA Police took it a step further, shooting the dog of an innocent man they were in the process of arresting, and roughing up for no reason, other than the man filming the police officers while out in public. Then REFUSE to return his dog’s dead body to him.

Warning Graphic Video!

Filming Police while in public has been ruled to be completely legal over and over again.

It’s hard to see, but you watch the video you can see one of the officers hit the man they were arresting in the chest for no reason, and that is when the dog started to work his way out the window.

These officers knew what they …

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