Obama Reponsible For 2 Largest Debt Ceiling Increases In U.S. History

I didn’t realize that before Obama got shoved into office, the largest debt increase was done by President Bush on March 27, 2003, and Bush only raised the debt ceiling by $984 billion.

The two largest debt ceiling increases have come from the Obama administration, in back-to-back years. Obama’s debt ceiling increase last year was the largest in the history of our country, and this new increase beats his old record by around $500 Billion.

So in two years, Obama has raised our debt ceiling $4.2 Trillion!!!!??? It makes sense, now that have to start paying for Obama’s out-of-control over-spending, which caused our financial mess in the first place.

Lets all work hard to get this out of control socialist idiot out of office as soon as possible!!!

The bill to increase the federal debt

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Democrat Rep. David Wu To Resign Amidst Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Oregon’s two Democratic senators called on him to resign, and Democrat Rep. David Wu has agreed that he will step down from office.

We thought that Rep. Wu would have to step down eventually, and especially once an investigation into his alleged sexual abuses had begun, but why wait until after the debt ceiling issue has been resolved? Why not just step down now? The reason is because the Democrats will not let him step down until they get his vote for Obama’s proposed hefty tax raises.

Rep. David Wu announced his resignation from Congress today, moments after U.S. senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden called for his resignation.

The Democrat said in a statement that he would leave office after Congress resolves the debt ceiling crisis.

“With great sadness, I therefore intend to resign

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