OKCupid Teams Up With Planned Parenthood To Help Libtards Find Other Baby Murderers

DISGUSTING!!! OkCupid has teemed up with the world worst serial killer the world has ever known, Planned Parenthood, which murders over 300,000 babies every year, and will help baby-murder-loving libtard dumbfucks to find each other easier, while filtering out the majority of Americans who are against legalized government funded baby murder.

OKCupid Teams Up With Planned Parenthood To Help Libtards Find Other Baby Murderers

OKCupid Teams Up With Planned Parenthood To Help Libtards Find Other Baby Murderers

The OKCupid site/app is filled with mostly disgustingly fat and ugly people, and now I’m sure all of the good looking conservatives will be leaving now that the brainless OKCupid dumbfucks have aligned themselves with the #1 baby murderers in the world – Planned Parenthood.

I’m also pretty sure that the libtard assholes at OKCupid are going to very much regret their decision to cater to the worst humans who murder innocent and defenseless babies.

If OKCupid’s intent was to help worthless baby-murder-loving libtards find each other, then I’m sure their plan will work because most if not all conservatives have already started closing down their accounts, so the only losers left on OKCupid are the fugly libtard loser snowflakes who love nothing more than killing their own babies.

OKCupid should change their name to “OkSatin” and their company motto should be changed to “Find your baby-murder-loving match at OK Cupid. Have a baby and then kill it together.”

Popular dating service OkCupid has partnered with Planned Parenthood to “enable daters to find folks who support” the abortion provider.
OkCupid announced the partnership in an image posted on Twitter which read, “I would never date someone who doesn’t support Planned Parenthood. (OkCupid makes it easy to find them.)”

According to a report, the platform will attempt to filter out users by making their views on the organization public in their profile pictures.

“The badge will read ‘#IStandWithPP’ and will be prominently displayed on the profile of every OkCupid member who has publicly responded ‘no’ to the question ‘Should the government defund Planned Parenthood?’” the report claimed.

In a statement, OkCupid’s CMO Melissa Hobley declared the company was “really exciting because it enables us to help people connect on the issues that matter to them.”

“In this current climate, this matters more than ever when it comes to finding ‘your person,’” Hobley claimed. “We know that Planned Parenthood is driving conversations, support and education that millions care about. When we looked at the data, we saw that our community on OkCupid was talking about Planned Parenthood…so we decided to make it easy to find the folks who cared about the same thing.”

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