New TNT Show ‘Perception’ Loses Many Viewers On First Episode With Attack on Bush

A new crime-solving drama show on TNT (like we need more), where Eric McCormack plays a neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia who is recruited by the FBI, came out of the gate with a thud, as they lost half of their viewers halfway through the very first episode with a tasteless attack on President Bush.

New TNT Show 'Perception' Loses Many Viewers On First Episode With Attack on Bush

New TNT Show ‘Perception’ Loses Many Viewers On First Episode With Attack on Bush

During one scene, Eric McCormack’s character is standing in front of a mental patient, watching a TV playing President Bush’s speech where he was explaining the reasoning for going into Iraq. He then starts explaining a neurological condition where the patient cannot understand speech, but can detect lies. Seconds later the mental patient starts to laugh a little bit and then goes back silent, inferring that President Bush was lying when telling us the reasoning for sending troops into Iraq, and taking out Sadam Hussain.

The truth is that President Bush used the same intel that many other countries used, who also felt that Obama had weapons of mass destruction. Many Democrats even spoke on record saying that “there is no doubt that Sadam has weapons of mass destruction”.

Maybe, if Bill Clinton would have been doing his job, instead of using the Oval Office as his personal brothel where he banged the fat chics he was cheating on Hillary with, he would have done something to keep the invasion of Irq from happening, but instead he is held up as the ideal President by the idiots on the left.

Liberal jackasses, like the writers of TNT’s new show ‘Perception’ will always keep trying to rewrite history that shows them for what they are, when they know their altered versions of history are false, but we will continue pointing out the lies that these idiots keep trying to pass off as fact.

I actually watched this show with a group of people left over from the July 4th weekend, and as soon as the anti-Bush scene was showed just about every one of them said something along the lies of “I’m done with this show.”

Even if the writers of the show didn’t shoot themselves in the dick in their first stride out of the gate, the show was not original, not well acted, and we would not recommend tuning in for episode 2.

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