Former FBI Agent’s Kid David Hogg Coached on Interview Responses Which Were “Written For Him”

FBI agent’s brainless libtard kid, David Hogg, forgets his lines in a CNN interview about the Parkland High School shooting, where Hogg is defending the corrupt FBI, and is coached from off-camera on his interview answers, most likely written for him by some unhinged communist gun-hater.

Below is the 3rd video that we embedded from YouTube, but as you can see, the videos showing David Hogg forgetting the lines, that were probably written for him by CNN, are being removed by TouTube faster than people can put up new ones, claiming that showing the stupid fuck forgetting his lines is somehow “harassment and bullying”. Harassment and bullying my ass. It is showing the stupid leftist dick David Hogg for what he really is. A tool of the anti-gun leftists in the media.

That is why I switched to for this particular video. Otherwise we would never have a working video of David Hogg forgetting the lines, which YouTube, the corrupt leftist Democrats and fake news really don’t want people to see!

It’s east to test our assertion that YouTube is pulling down these very innocent videos that just show the shady interview process of CNN.. Just do a search for “David Hogg forgets his lines” in a normal search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, and start browing to each of the stories that are found in the search. You will see that all of the videos embedded from YouTube are “unavailable”, as YouTube is helping in the Democrat’s use of the tragedy for political gain, and the coverup of problems within the FBI/police offices and culture, which helped cause and allow the school attack.

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.

TAKE 125!

Watch the video above, with all of the re-takes, and make up your own mind if Hogg was using with his own words, or was he just reciting someone else’s statements? We think it’s very easy to see that David Hogg was just trying to do his best re-telling the words that were given to him to try and defend FBI criminals from being held accountable for allowing/causing the Florida school shooting.

“He is in charge of the FBI … the executive branch is supposed to enforce laws, and as such, President Trump is in charge of that and the FBI.” – Libtard Brainiac David Hogg

I’d love to see the entire blooper reel from that bullshit interview of David Hogg! Hogg probably starts, stops and stammers more than Obama without a teleprompter, and with about the same truthfulness – Zilch.

You know the video is pretty damaging to Democrats and their dreams of taking away the 2nd amendment rights of Americans because YouTube has started removing the videos showing the interview coaching help that Hogg received.

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