Farrakhan’s Jew-Hating Democrat Friends Need to Be Immediately Removed from Congress

It’s funny that Democrats call people out all the time for saying things they deem “anti-Semitic, but the same corrupt Democrat losers secretly keep ties to Jew-hating Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and hides that relationship from the American People.

“Minister Farrakhan is a role model for black youth” – Jew-Hating Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn

Louis Farrakhan’s Jew-hating Democrat friends need to resign immediately, or be removed from Congress in the next election.

Why do these Democrats hide their relationship with Louis Farrakhan? Because they know that the voters will hold it against them, and they might lose their cushy “Golden Ticket” jobs, and all of the grift that they rake in by abusing their positions in that cushy government job.

Democrats who have deep ties to rabidly anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan are Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters, Danny Davis, Al Green, Barbara Lee, Andre Carson and Gregory Meeks.

These Jew-hating Democrats need to be removed before they cause, look the other way to allow, or help a new Holocaust take place.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has answered those who denounced as anti-Semitic his recent “Jews are my enemy” quote with another broadside, this time tweeting a video clip where he says “The Jews have control over those areas of government” – in referring to the FBI.

The clip featuring the latest remark was posted to Farrakhan’s official Twitter account on March 7, well after the controversy erupted over the remarks made earlier, at a Chicago event on Feb. 25. Those comments brought new attention to Farrakhan’s links with seven members of the Congressional Black Congress, as well as to Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory, who attended the Farrakhan event, and posted a photo of herself with Farrakhan on her Instagram feed after the speech.

The controversy sparked calls by many Republicans for Democrats to vigorously denounce Farrakhan’s remarks. Others who quickly condemned Farrakhan’s remarks also asked pointed questions on why much of the media was either slow to report the story, or have chosen to ignore it entirely.

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Tuesday called on the seven members of the CBC members to resign. The coalition’s director, Matt Brooks, told Fox News the Democratic leaders with ties to Farrakhan have been quick to denounce President Donald Trump and the GOP for remarks or actions that they view as bigoted, but overlook blatant racism and anti-Semitism when it comes to Farrakhan.

“There’s clearly a double standard,” Brooks said, then amended that to say “No, there’s a double double-standard. Not only do you get the progressive left wing and more centrist Democrats who aren’t shy about criticizing President Trump or branding the Republican Party as white nationalists or neo-Nazis, but when it comes to condemning Louis Farrakhan, they’re silent.”

The members called on to resign were the subject of a story in The Daily Caller, which reported a review of videos, photographs and other documents revealed the lawmakers have had ties to Farrakhan. They are Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Maxine Waters of California, Danny Davis of Illinois, Al Green of Texas, Barbara Lee of California, Andre Carson of Indiana, and Gregory Meeks of New York.

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