Dumber than Box of Rocks – Thought of Joe Biden as President Very Scary

Dumber than Box of Rocks - Joe Biden as President Very Scary

Dumber than Box of Rocks – Joe Biden as President Very Scary

Is Vice President Biden smart enough to become President, should something happen to Obama?
The easy answer is no. Joe Biden is dumber than a box of rocks, and people should be very fearful of the way that such an idiot would lead the country.

Most Americans would most likely agree with former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who thinks Joe Biden isn’t smart enough to be President either.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow tonight that Vice President Biden may be unfit for office. Here’s the transcript:

KUDLOW: You know, what did he say? ‘Y’all going to be put back in chains’? That almost has racial overtones, Rudy Giuliani. What’s your take on that?

GIULIANI: Well, I think if it came from somebody serious maybe we’d get all excited about it. But the — I think the vice president of the United States has become a laugh line on late night television. I mean, he — I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright. He’s never been bright. He isn’t bright. And people think, ‘Well, he just talks a little too much.’ Actually he’s just not very smart.

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