We have written story after story telling the actual history about the Democrat Party’s slavery and the KKK in America, but many people are too brainwashed or stupid to realize the truth.

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” – Racist Democrat U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson

The Democrat Party is THE ONE AND ONLY party of slavery and the KKK. Democrats started the KKK and they are still to this day the party of racism and the KKK.

Hillary Clinton even admitted that KKK chapter founder Robert Byrd was her mentor, calling the racist KKK officer was “a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility”

Democrats fought the Civil War to try and keep slaves as property, while the “Black Republican Party” was formed for the specific purpose of putting an end to the racist Democrat’s policy of using and abusing slaves, and making black people free. The Democrat Party has just repeated their lie about Republican racism for so long that the bklack population has started to ignore the real history of America and believe the Democrat lies.

When the Democrats lost the Civil War, they revolted and created the violent KKK, which was really just the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party.

Honestly, this is not hurting the Republican Party – it is only hurting black people by supporting closet racists who only see black people as gullible automatic votes, and not human beings.

Slaves throughout history would roll over in their graves to see how black people in America today actually support and vote for the EXACT SAME PARTY OF SLAVERY that kept their ancestors in chains, and even raped and murdered blacks as well on a whim. After all these men, women and children were property, not people – and to Democrats today blacks are STILL their property – bought and paid for with food stamps and Obama phones.

Racist Democrats know that they can offer their new-age black slaves a few government handouts, in exchange for their unquestioning votes and support, and the black population will never question the historical lies that they have been brainwashed with.

HAHA! Watch Jeffrey Lord tell this CNN panel of idiots the historical truth about the KKK being the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party, which the libtard CNN hacks just couldn’t handle.

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