Dead-Beat Detroit “Judge” Kahlilia Davis is a Good Example of How Corrupt Democrats Have Destroyed Most Big Cities

Take a look at this video of disgustingly obese 36th District “Judge” Kahlilia Davis, who has been a sitting “judge” since Jan 1 2017, but has never heard even one case.

Kahlilia Davis Is Just Your Typical Democrat Low-Life Tax Cheat Criminal – As Are Most Other Democrats

This fat ass piece of shit so-called “judge” Kahlilia Davis waddles around pretending she’s hurt to be able to collect her paycheck every week without actually having to do her job.

Kahlilia Davis is also a criminal tax cheat who has a $35,000 federal tax lien on her, and has been sued, and lost, numerous times. The dead-beat Democrat loser also filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

What a great and honorable “judge” the brainless people of Detroit have saddled their city with… Fucking idiots deserve each other! No wonder why Detroit has become such a horrid shithole!

Detroit needs to start getting their shit together, and a good start would be to send fat-ass loser Kahlilia Davis packing!

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