The American People Demand to Know Which U.S. Lawmakers Are Sexual Predators

The American People Demand to Know Which Lawmakers Are Sexual Predators

The American People Demand to Know Which U.S. Lawmakers Are Sexual Predators

The American People DEMAND to know which of our lawmakers are sexual predators – especially those who used taxpayer money to coverup their actions and sweep the sexual harassment / assault / rape under the rug.

It is completely unbelievable that our government has made rules and created new departments of the government that exist solely to help the sexual predators in our government to get away with their crimes, without anyone knowing, and no political consequences, by using taxpayer money to pay off their victims.

Stupid Democrats, like Rep. Jerry Nadler, have said that they support making future sexual assault, harassment and rape accusations against members of Congress should be public, but is against releasing the names of the sexual predators currently in our government – probably because many of them are Democrats.

If the list of congressional sexual predators consisted of a majority of Republicans, the Democrats would all be calling for releasing the names, but they know there are many hypocritical Bill Clinton/Harvey Weinstein-like sexual predators on the left side of the isle.

We cannot rely on the sexual predators in our government to police themselves, or to release the names of the sexual predators in Congress, as they have shown time and time again that they are corrupt pieces of shit that only care about protecting their own jobs.

Republican Rep. Scott Taylor has said that he will be drafting a bill that would ban Congress from using taxpayer money for sexual harassment/assault/rape settlements.

“There is no way that the taxpayer should be subsidizing predatory behavior. Period” – Republican Rep. Scott Taylor 

The American People need to call their representatives and demand that they release the names and details of all sexual harassment / assault and rape cases that our government has covered up. We at the very least deserve to know which of our public servants are actual sexual predators.

Pressure is mounting on congressional leaders to release the names of lawmakers who have secretly settled sexual harassment claims at taxpayer expense — a move that some members of Congress are loath to make.

President Donald Trump told reporters this week that he believes Congress should disclose the settlements. A handful of House members from both parties are calling on Republican leadership to do the same.

And Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) proposed legislation Wednesday that would mandate public disclosure of sexual harassment settlements — and ban Congress from footing the bill for such deals in the future. Within a few hours of introducing his bill, DeSantis had been contacted by several Republican and Democratic lawmakers asking to sign on.

“It’s taxpayer dollars at issue; taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent,” DeSantis said in an interview, adding that he doesn’t understand “why the taxpayer should ever be on the hook for private misconduct of a member. … That should not be something the taxpayers are funding.”

The effort by DeSantis and other lawmakers has sparked an uncomfortable debate inside an institution known for protecting its own. As a national controversy over sexual misconduct by powerful men swirls, some lawmakers worry that the push for disclosure could unfairly unmask members of Congress who insist they’ve been wrongly accused.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) office and the House Administration Committee have not ruled out potential changes to the settlement reporting process as part of an ongoing review of the chamber’s harassment policy. But there’s strong, albeit quiet, resistance on Capitol Hill to disclosing the names of members who’ve reached settlements in the past.

Some lawmakers and aides worry that several sitting members of Congress are among those who’ve paid their accusers in recent years. Some of them say that settling a claim doesn’t necessarily mean the member was guilty. There are times when it is preferable to settle than to engage in a prolonged legal battle, these people surmise.

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