Woman Has Over 50 Surgeries to Look Like “Walking Dead” Angelina Jolie & Totally Nails It!

This is pretty fucking funny! We have always thought that Angelina Jolie looked like a skinny disgusting zombie in The Walking Dead television series, and now that an Iranian woman named Sahar Tabar has had 50 surgeries to try and look more like Angelina Jolie. We think she’s pretty much nailed it!!

Woman Has 50 Surgeries to Look Like "Walking Dead" Angelina Jolie & Nails It!

Woman Has 50 Surgeries to Look Like “Walking Dead” Angelina Jolie & Nails It!

Angelina Jolie and Sahar Tabar now look like long-lost twins. Wouldn’t you agree? The results are uncanny!

I don’t know what’s happening with Brad and Angelina, but in recent pictures they’re both so skinny and gross looking that they pretty much look like AIDS patients.

AN IRANIAN woman has gone viral after claiming she’s had 50 surgeries in a bid to look like her idol Angelina Jolie.

Sahar Tabar claims to be one of the Tomb Raider actress’ biggest fans and has said she “would do anything” to emulate her.

The 19-year-old from Tehran underwent 50 surgeries in the space of just a few months, according to Belgian website Sud Info.

This hasn’t been officially confirmed however, so it’s possible her unique looks are the result of careful make up or even prosthetics.

She also reportedly went on a diet to maintain her 40kg weight, which – provided she is over 4.8ft – would classify her as dangerously underweight.

Sahar has amassed more than 308,000 followers on Instagram although many have left unflattering comments on her pictures.

One person simply posted “Zombie” on a recent shot while another said: “Her: Doc make me look like an 8 month old corpse. Doc: Say no more.”

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