Washed Up Has-Been Wanna-Be Socialist Sean Penn Worried For His Life Tries Stopping/Changing Netflix Movie

Many people believe that washed up American “actor” Sean Penn setup alleged Mexican drug lord Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman, otherwise knows as “El Chapo”, for capture by the FBI, and now Sean Penn wants to either have the Netflix movie blocked or edited to remove portions of the film Penn doesn’t care for.

Penn apparently feels that if the Netflix movie is released as-is, that the people loyal to El Chapo will know that he was ratted out, and will want Penn dead.

Authorities raided the site of the Penn/Guzman interview only 12 hours after the interview took place, which seems fishy if Penn or his people weren’t involved with alerting the FBI.

Sean Penn probably didn’t personally ratted-out Guzman, because Penn is too much of a weak libtard pussy, but it was very likely that someone close to Sean Penn did have the balls to contact authorities to try and have the drug lord caught.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the stupid Netflix movie is scrapped. The reports of Penn notifying the FBI about the El Chapo meeing will still be out there, and there will still be a price placed on Sean Penn’s head.

Penn is a washed-up loser has-been who nobody gives a shit about, and honestly, I doubt many people would miss Sean Penn, if something were to happen to him.

The only time we see or hear about Sean Penn is when he is in trouble anyway.

According to TMZ, actor Sean Penn has turned up the pressure on Netflix to “either block or re-edit” an upcoming Netflix documentary that the actor says falsely suggests he alerted the Department of Justice to the whereabouts of notorious drug lord El Chapo back in 2015.

The wild story begins with Penn, along with Kate del Castillo, meeting with the drug lord in Mexico on October 2, 2015, for an interview for Rolling Stone. Just 12 hours later, authorities raided the site of the interview. Though authorities did not detain El Chapo in the raid, he was arrested about three months later.

TMZ reports that “multiple sources” involved in the Netflix documentary say that some of those interviewed for the film suggested Penn told the DOJ about his interview in Mexico, effectively “ratting out” the drug lord. Penn’s team is now desperately trying to get Netflix not to release the film in its current state.

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