Video Showing Man Supposedly Sawing AR-15 In Half – Not To Be Believed

I find it pretty fucking funny that there are complete idiots out there supposedly destroying their own weapons after the latest FBI-caused Florida High School Shooting.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to call “BULLSHIT” on this clip.

Anyone who owns an AR-15 or just about any other modern rifle knows damn well that the gun barrel is replaceable / interchangeable, so the act of cutting the rifle barrel in half does nothing to permanently destroy the weapon. All you have to do is replace the barrel with anew one, and off you go.

If the stupid piece of shit REALLY wanted to show that he destroyed the evil firearm, he knows damn well that he should have sawed the gun in the middle of the receiver, not the easily replaced barrel, which can be swapped out in under 10 seconds.

I think what is really happening is that anti-gun libtards are being given weapons to destroy, or the destruction of the weapon was a lie, as it seems to be in this case.

I did see one other image that shows a similar rifle in 3 pieces, but the reality is that my fucking cat could easily pull off a similar very believable image using Photoshop, in less than 5 minutes – so the image is far from believable or credible.

Seriously though… Unless you are a total Schitzo, I would think that most everyone would know if they were going to start murdering people. Most normal people know that they would never kill someone, without reason, so it’s pretty fucking hilarious that these brainless anti-gun libtard dickheads feel the need to destroy their own firearms, if true.. which I find very hard to believe!

I mean, these are the same idiots that couldn’t believe that people would destroy their Keurig coffee maker in protest of the shitty company, and said stupid shit like “but you already bought the Keurig machine, so how is that a protest?” – But these brainless idiots failed to realize that you have to purchase expensive proprietary coffee k-Cups, so destroying their Keurig machine would hurt Keurig and save them a lot of money.

If these stupid fucks are too cheap to destroy a measly $60 coffee machine, do you really think they would destroy a $500-$600 gun?

Very doubtful!

Sales of AR-15s are WAY up since Democrats are doing everything in their power to take away American’s 2nd Amendment gun rights, so even if hundreds of law-abiding citizens destroy their guns, it won’t make one bit of difference to dangerous and violent criminals like Cruz, because criminals don’t get a conscience and destroy their illegal guns.

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