VIDEO – Police Protecting Police – All Bad Police Need to Be Removed From Police Departments

Anyone who reads USBACKLASH knows that we are very pro-police, but at the same time we fucking hate power hungry criminal police officers with a passion!
Watch the video below and your blood will boil!!!

Watch for the criminal “police officer” fiddling with the weapon on his hip at 2:25 of the video, as he threatened the journalist for standing on the sidewalk, saying “Take one more step towards me and see what happens.” FUCKING CRIMINAL COP!

We hope that the journalist filed a complaint against the first “Police Officer” in the video above, who appears to be one of the bad apple criminals in law enforcement, and that the piece of shit should be removed from the Lauderhill Police Department, if he hasn’t been already.

Actually most, if not all of the police exposed in the above video should be shit-canned.

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