VIDEO: Handlers Keep Hillary Clinton From Falling Down Huge Flight of Steps – 2X In 20 Seconds

Hillary Clinton is one fucked up bitch isn’t she? Why doesn’t the old wench just give it up, go lay down somewhere and take a long nap?

I mean, Hillary wanted to be President of the United States, but the old hag can’t even stand on her own, or navigate a flight of steps without holding onto someone – and even with people holding her up, Hillary STILL can’t stay on her feet.

Personally, I think Hillary Clinton is very sick or has some very bad brain damage, which prevents her motor skills from working properly.

We’ve seen Hillary Clinton fall down over and over, including into the airplane a couple times,and the time during the 2016 election where Hillary seemed to faint, something metallic (probably a part falling off leg braces used to keep Hillary on her feet) seemed to fall out of her pants, and Clinton was dragged like a rag doll into a waiting van by a few Secret Service-looking characters and whisked away.

Now we have a video of Hillary Clinton falling twice while being walked down about 15 stairs in India. If not for her handlers, Hillary Clinton would have tumbled down the stone stairs and received more brain damage.

Yea, we know Hillary will blame he shoes as the reason why she fell twice on the stairs, but that wil be just more Clinton lies. The real reason why Hillary slipped down the stairs is because she obviously doesn’t have the motor skills needed to put her feet where she wants, which ultimately causes her feet to slip out from under her.

If Hillary falls down that often on camera, how often does she fall down when cameras aren’t on her?

The real reason why Hillary Clinton is still out there falling down stairs, while lying about President Trump and the many reasons why she lost the election, is because she has to keep fighting for her freedom.

Hillary has to keep her fingers in the pudding to affect the outcome, because if left to the normal process that would occur without Democrat corruptions and cover-ups. If Hillary stops working to keep all of her crimes covered up, she and many other Democrats would for sure be going to prison.

Oh what I would give to see that same video, with nobody to keep Hillary Clinton on her feet. WHEEEEE!!!

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