‘Unhinged’ Liar Harry Reid Ignores Obama Weakness Blames Republicans For Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Harry Reid Talks About The Size Of His Penis

Harry Reid Talks About The Size Of His Penis

Harry Reid has to be one of the most corrupt and deceitful politicians our country has ever seen, and it is laughable that Mr. Reid completely forgets about the complete weakness, ineptness, and incompetence of Obama administration, and actually blames the Republicans for Vladimir Putin’s takeover of Crimea. Only a dishonest hack like Harry Reid would say something so incorrect, and state it as fact.

The only reason why Vladimir Putin felt comfortable invading Ukraine is because Obama and the Democrats have shown time and time again that they are complete pussies. No foreign powers would be so bold if we had a strong president, which we have just the opposite of at the moment. Obama is a skinny, weak, thin-skinned pussy. My 7 year old wouldn’t be scared of such a wussy as Obama, so it is no problem for a manly-man like Vladimir Putin.

Obama has shown over and over that his “Red Lines” don’t mean shit, and that anyone can dance across Obama’s so-called red line, and nothing will ever be done. Obama’s “Red Line” should actually be green lines because they are start signs for most of the world.

House Speaker John Boehner’s office fired back at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, saying comments he made blaming Republicans for the situation in Ukraine make him sound “completely unhinged.”

“The Senate Majority Leader sounds completely unhinged,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in an email Tuesday. “The House has acted, and is continuing to act, in a reasonable and responsible way to give the White House the tools it needs to hold President [Vladimir] Putin accountable.”

Steel was responding to comments from Reid as the Senate began debate on a package of sanctions and aid on Ukraine on Monday, during which he blamed Republican “obstruction” for sending the wrong message to Russia.

“As we begin debate on this aid and sanctions package, I also hope that the Republicans stopped action on this legislation prior to the break have considered how their obstruction affects our great country’s national security as well as the people of Ukraine who are struggling so very, very much,” Reid said on the floor.

Reid said that Republicans blocking action on the bill sent “a very weak message to the Russians” that the U.S. was taking its time, saying since the bill failed to advance, Russia has been aggressive in the Crimean region of Ukraine.

“It’s impossible to know whether events would have unfolded differently if the United States had responded to this Russian aggression with a strong unified voice, which we did not do,” Reid said.

The Senate moved the legislation forward Monday, and it is expected to pass the Senate later this week. Nevertheless, it is expected to face stiff opposition in the Republican-controlled House because of controversial reforms to the International Monetary Fund.

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