Unbelievable FBI Incompetence/Crimes Directly Resulted in the Death of 17 People in Florida School Shooting

There needs to be a full investigation and accounting of the FBI’s horrible, and possibly criminal mishandling of the intelligence that would have prevented the Parkland, Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Not once, but twice, and as late as Jan 5th, the FBI was specifically warned about dangers that Nikolas Cruz posed to the public, and each warning also specifically referenced a “school shooting”, but the FBI did nothing to stop the ticking time-bomb, and allowed Cruz to shoot up the school.

Then we have all of Cruz’s disturbing social media posts, including cutting his arms on Snapchat, and a declaration that he wanted to buy a gun – so Cruz was already on the radar of at least 4 government agencies.

With so many warnings and red flags you’d think SOMEBODY would have taken the threat seriously.

Last fall, a Mississippi man named Ben Bennight reported Nikolas Cruz to the FBI after he was shocked that a complete stranger (the soon-to-be killer) posted a response (cry for help) to one of Bennight’s videos that said “I’m going to be a professional school shooter”.

The FBI went out and interviewed Mr. Bennight, BUT NEVER SPOKE WITH NIKOLAS CRUZ!

Another man “close to Nikolas Cruz” called an FBI tip line on Jan. 5 to accurately report that Nikolas Cruz wanted to kill people, and could very well become a school shooter, and still the FBI still ignored the red flags popping up all over the place that a tragedy was about to take place.

On January 5, 2018, a person close to Nikolas Cruz contacted the FBI’s Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to report concerns about him. The caller provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting. – FBI Statement on the Shooting in Parkland, Florida

It seems that Nikolas Cruz was crying out for help in any way that he could, but the FBI and everyone else who should have done something ignored the red flags and did nothing.

“Every single red flag was being thrown up by this kid, four days after his 18th birthday, and nothing was done to help him. This community has been devastated. The system didn’t only fail him, it failed the entire community.” – Chief Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes

If the FBI would have done it’s job, the Florida school shooting would not have happened. Hell, at this point, with all of the problems at the FBI, you’d probably bet a better response by giving these tips to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“All of this could have been prevented. It makes me sick to my stomach because there are 17 people, including numerous children, who are dead and several others who are injured.” – Melisa McNeill, Broward Assistant Public Defender

Now the FBI wants to investigate themselves?? Yea.. I don’t think so.. Sorry, but at the moment the FBI doesn’t have the trust of the American People, or half the credibility needed to do a self “investigation” of some very serious problems.

I know if one of my kids was killed in the Florida school shooting I’d be filing a huge lawsuit against the FBI!

The American People DEMAND a full outside investigation into the shocking incompetence or crimes that have been committed by the FBI, which directly resulted in the murder of 17 people, and the injury of another dozen or so, and all people responsible need to be prosecuted.

The FBI received two alarming tips about Nikolas Cruz in the past six months: Someone who knew him well believed he was capable of murdering teachers and students. And an online commenter using the handle “nikolas cruz” professed his desire to become a “professional school shooter.”

But somehow no one at the FBI connected the dots or shared information about Cruz with the agents who might have stopped him before Wednesday, when he killed 17 people at a high school in Broward County.

The day following the massacre, the FBI said it had no way to trace the chilling online comment, flagged in September by a tipster in Mississippi, to South Florida.

Then, in a shocking admission Friday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the tip from the person close to Cruz — delivered in a Jan. 5 phone call to a bureau hotline — was never passed along to the FBI’s field office in Miami, as official protocol required.

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