Two Murdered & More Shot During Baltimore’s Laughable 72 Hour “Nobody Kill Anybody” Weekend

HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!

Baltimore deemed the 72-hour period of this past weekend as “Nobody Kill Anybody” weekend, and what happened? 2 people were shot and killed on the very first day, and more were shot luckily but didn’t die.

Two Murdered & More Shot During Baltimore's 72 Hour "Nobody Kill Anybody" Weekend

Two Murdered & More Shot During Baltimore’s 72 Hour “Nobody Kill Anybody” Weekend

Criminals in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other Democrat run-down cities don’t abide by the law, so why the fuck would they listen to someone with no authority? Black criminals just like murdering other black people, and that will probably never change for the better, and will most likely only get worse as Democrats continue their dangerous libtard policies.

This is exactly what happens in Democrat-run cities and states, and can be seen across the nation – corrupt Democrats suck the life right out of the areas they control with their brainless & destructive policies, and then “give the criminals space to destroy stuff”, as Baltimore’s stupid shank ho former mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admits to doing when she allowed a racist black mob of criminals to burn, loot and destroyed the city of Baltimore.

I do sort of commend the organizers for doing something (anything) to try and stop the violence and crime that has taken over Baltimore, but in a Democrat-run-down shithole, like Baltimore, there is not much that can be done until you remove the libtard criminals who have run the city into the ground. Especially when the brainless dumbfucks are still lying to their citizens and blaming the police for killing them, instead of blaming the black criminals who have no respect for another human being, and would rather shoot you than look at you.

“There is a war going on in Baltimore right now. We are experiencing genocide among our African-American males, both by the hands of the Police Department and from one another. We the people need a call to action in order to save the city and our community for our future generations”

The idiots in the news aren’t even reporting on the people shot in Baltimore this past weekend who actually survived. I Guess those aren’t worth talking about because they were just shootings, and nobody was murdered. With all of the violence and murders taking place in Baltimore, the non-lethal shootings apparently aren’t juicy enough to make the news.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is not mayor anymore but the new Baltimore mayor, Catherine E. Pugh, is a Democrat as well, and is apparently just continuing the destructive policies started under Stephanie Rawlings-Blake that have completely decimated the city of Baltimore, which already has racked up over 200 murders as of last week.

Only a shitty violent Democrat-run shithole like Baltimore would ever ever consider (or even have the need) to hold a weekend-long event designated as a “Nobody Kill Anybody” weekend, and it’s pretty fucking funny that they can’t even go 72 hours without murdering each other in Baltimore.

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