Triggered By Thrown Water Bottle Seattle Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson Tries Climbing Into Crowd To Fight NFL Fans

Only in the NFL!! Why am I not at all surprised that an NFL player, who was already thrown out of the game, and should have already left the field, was triggered by a water bottle being thrown out of the stands, and actually tried climbing into the crowd to fight the NFL fans?

As normal, NFL players, like Seattle Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson, who are caught trying to attack fans, always claim that a fan called them “nigger” or some other racist name, but that is just a convenient excuse that instantly garners sympathy.

Seattle Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson has every right to be angry that some asshole fans threw water bottles in his direction after he was ejected from the football game, but a normal person doesn’t freak out and try climbing into the stands in order to fight a bunch of NFL fans. That is why there are stadium security, who probably didn’t need the dangerous aggression of 6ft 4in 300lb Jefferson to throw the unruly fans out of the stadium.

The fans responsible for anything being thrown should be banned from the stadium, but Seattle Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson should also be suspended for trying to climb into the stands to be violent with NFL fans.

Just think if the security didn’t have the success in holding back the unhinged NFL player. Things could have gotten very ugly in the stands, leading to more empty seats at NFL games.

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