Corrupt Obama Authorities Increase Wiretaps 71% In Just One Year – Only 12% of Wiretaps Were Incriminating

obama-spying-on-americansWhy did the number of secret Obama wiretaps increase 71% in just one year? The answer is that the Pro-Terrorist Obama would rather troll through American’s private communications of anti-administration foes to target, instead of targeting actual terrorists who plan of doing harm to the United States.

Out of 185,268 cellular phone intercepts, only 12 percent provided any incriminating evidence.

“We have a secret surveillance program churning in the background, sweeping in everyone’s communications,” – Mark Rumold of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Federal authorities’ use of wiretaps to intercept wire, oral and electronic communications in criminal investigations jumped substantially in 2012, versus the prior year, according to figures obtained by the Washington Post.

Federal courts reportedly authorized a total of 1,354 wiretaps in 2012, up from 792 in 2011, a 71 percent increase in the

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Criminal Obama Administration Illegally Wiretapped AP & Other News Organizations

Criminal Obama Administration Illegally Wiretapped AP & Other News OrganizationsWhere will the Obama administration’s corruption and criminal actions ever end? The answer is: when his skinny mixed-race ass is thrown out of office.
The most corrupt president in US history has corruption, cronyism, and waste in his blood.

Ever since Obama was elected, the American People have been subjected to being lied to over and over by Obama’s cronies, while covering up the Obama administration’s corruption and outright criminal actions.

Team Corruption has even been secretly and illegally wiretapping AP and other news organizations, in a crime the AP calls a ‘Massive and unprecedented intrusion’.

Why would Obama feel that he needs to illegally wiretap the AP and other news organizations who’s reporters are already working for the Obama administration?
Could it be that Obama’s cronies have been monitoring what reporters are towing the …

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Obama & Democrats Try Pushing Limits of Warrantless Wiretaps

Obama Illegal Warrantless WiretapsObama and the Democrats seem to be attacking the constitution at every possible opportunity. This time they feel that it is the government’s right to invade the privacy of anyone they want by reading emails, listening to Skype conversations, including decrypting encrypted communications, and anything else they damn well please.

Now the money-hungry Obama administration wants to fine companies exorbitant penalties for not helping the Obama administration break the law.

Where is all of the outrage that we saw from the Democrats when Bush started using much more limited warrantless wiretapping than Obama. Typical Democrat Hypocrisy.

Obama and the Democrats – Corruption at it’s finest.

It isn’t often that communications companies push back against government requests to monitor customers and hand over information about them, but a government task force is seeking to make it

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Secret ATF Wiretaps Show Holder Justice Department Knew About Gun-Walking Scandal

Secret ATF Wiretaps Show Holder Department Knew About Gun-Walking Scandal

Secret ATF Wiretaps Show Holder Department Knew About Gun-Walking Scandal

New revelations from a secret ATF wiretap application gives treasure trove of information regarding the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and coverup.

The new information show how many illegal “straw purchases” had taken place, and what guns had been recovered in Mexico, as well as showing how ATF officials initially watched guns bought by the criminal purchasers, but then ended their surveillance without recovering the high powered automatic weapons that they allowed to walk.

“The application included financial details for four suspected straw purchasers showing they had purchased $373,000 worth of guns in cash but reported almost no income for the previous year”

In the midst of a fiery floor debate over contempt proceedings for Attorney General Eric Holder, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman

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