Entitled Black Americans Angry Mexicans Hired as Farm-Hands More Often Than Blacks

Black Americans Angry Mexicans Hired as Farm-Hands More Often Than BlacksIf black people are angry that the unemployment is twice what white unemployment is, and if black people are mad that certain businesses hire far more Mexicans than Blacks, you have only Obama and the Democrats to blame.

Obama and the Democrats have lied over and over to American minorities, saying how concerned they are with creating more jobs that would lower the unemployment rates in these communities, but in reality, Obama has done absolutely nothing for blacks or other minorities. Obama says that he is concerned for black people, but Obama doesn’t are one iota about black people – he only wanted their vote.

Unemployment in the black communities …

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Federal Judge Upholds Majority of New Alabama Immigration Law

A Birmingham federal judge delt a damaging blow to the Obama administration and it’s Department of Justice today, as the federal judge upheld most of the new, tough, Alabama immigration law, which the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit to stop.

What kind of “president” would sue a state for wanting to enforce our nation’s laws, and stop illegal immigrants from entering our country, when Obama and the federal government would do nothing, other than make speeches, attack conservatives, and file lawsuits against anyone wanting to enforce the law. Obama doesn’t care about our nation’s laws.. All Obama cares about are his aspirations of transferring America into a Socialistic nation.…

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