African Americans & Women Receive Higher Unemployment From Obama The Job Killer

African Americans & Women Receive Higher Unemployment From Obama The Job Killer

African Americans & Women Receive Higher Unemployment From Obama The Job Killer

Obama has made many, many false promises, and helping women and African Americans is one of those lies.

Women and African Americans have actually seen an increase in unemployment since he took office in 2009.

In January 2013, 7.8 percent of women were unemployed and Black unemployment is almost up to 14%! That’s horrendous, but completely expected from the worst president in US History.

Unemployment for both women and African-Americans is higher today than it was when President Barack Obama first took office in 2009, according to federal government data.

Despite an economy that has technically been in recovery since June of 2009, many economic indicators are the same or worse than when President Obama gave his first address to a Joint Session

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Black Caucus: We are ‘Getting Tired’ of sticking Up For Obama

I find it quite amusing to hear about African-Americans still support Obama, even though he has never done anything for the African-American community but raise their unemployment numbers by over 10%, and make them more dependent on government handouts like welfare and food stamps.

Unemployment among African-Americans has shot past 16% since Obama took office, which is much higher than it was under our previous two presidents. African-American unemployment was only 9.4% during President Bush’s term in office, which is significantly lower than the 10% it averaged in the Clinton years.

Even Obama’s personal propaganda-spreading news station MSNBC cannot ignore the growing outrage in the Black Caucus and the African-American community, aimed squarely at Obama.

Actually, Obama isn’t really even the first black president, despite what you think.. He is the first mixed race president …

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Obama, The Compulsive Liar, Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

Obama uses a prime-time address, and a lot of lies to try and save his own hide, while acting like, and quoting republicans to gain support for his re-election campaign.

In the joke of a speech Obama gave on Monday night, where there was at least one lie in every sentence, Obama tried blaming President Bush and Republicans for HIS over-spending binge, in conjunction with Obama’s job-killing policies, which added over $4 Trillion to the debt in under 2 years, and single-handedly caused the economy down-slide and overall dept problem we are currently facing.

Full Transcript of Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech

Good evening. Tonight, I want to talk about the debate we’ve been having in Washington over the national debt – a debate that directly affects the lives of all Americans.

For the last decade,

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