Obama 4 Years Later: Same Tired Speeches – Same Campaign Lies – Same Failed Policies

After 4 failed years in office, Obama continues giving the same tired and divisive speeches of wealth distribution and big government he gave 4 years ago.
We’re not buying it this time around – Obama is a failure.

While Obama was running for President, he said that his presidency would:
Create Jobs – Obama has badly failed creating jobs.
Grow Economy – Obama has badly failed to grow the economy.
End dependence on foreign oil – Obama has badly failed to end our dependence on foreign oil, and has actually made us more dependent on foreign sources of power.
recruit an army of new teachers – Obama has grown the government at an unbelievably quick pace, but teachers and schools have not benefited.
Make college more affordable – The cost of going to college has …

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Black Caucus: We are ‘Getting Tired’ of sticking Up For Obama

I find it quite amusing to hear about African-Americans still support Obama, even though he has never done anything for the African-American community but raise their unemployment numbers by over 10%, and make them more dependent on government handouts like welfare and food stamps.

Unemployment among African-Americans has shot past 16% since Obama took office, which is much higher than it was under our previous two presidents. African-American unemployment was only 9.4% during President Bush’s term in office, which is significantly lower than the 10% it averaged in the Clinton years.

Even Obama’s personal propaganda-spreading news station MSNBC cannot ignore the growing outrage in the Black Caucus and the African-American community, aimed squarely at Obama.

Actually, Obama isn’t really even the first black president, despite what you think.. He is the first mixed race president …

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