Despicable Democrats Walk Out of Benghazi Hearing & Continue Denying Answers for Fallen Heroes Families

The despicable Democrats basically spit in the face of the living relatives of some of our fallen heroes’ family members by walking out on the hearing, because they didn’t want to hear what the family members had to say.

Despicable Democrats Walk Out of Benghazi Hearing & Continue Denying Answers for Fallen Heroes Families

Despicable Democrats Walk Out of Benghazi Hearing & Continue Denying Answers for Fallen Heroes Families – The empty side of the room belongs to the Democrats. The only Democrats who stayed were Ranking Member Elijah Cummings and Rep. Jackie Speier.

Why wouldn’t Democrats want to stay in the hearing and listen to family members of fallen US heroes, who were killed in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack? Probably because Democrats are embarrassed that they have been covering up their leaders unbelievable ineptness and corruption for over a year, including the Obama administration’s underhanded arms deals with our …

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Brainless Pussy John McCain Equates Terrorists Shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ to Christians Saying ‘Thank God’

John McCain has to be one of the dumbest and weakest pussies ever! McCain feels that a terrorist yelling ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ as terrorist rockets fell on innocent people is the same as a Christian saying ‘Thank God’.

The difference, Mr McCain, you no nuts pussy, is that Christians don’t say ‘Thank God’ because innocent people are being blown up, when the terrorists definitely are chanting ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ because a terrorist attack was taking place, and innocent people were being hurt of killed. McCain, and other fake conservatives like him, are just too fucking weak and stupid to know the difference.

Conservatives need to push back and rid themselves of the fake and Jnutless Conservative dumb-fuck John McCain as quickly as possible! Vote this piece of shit out of office in the next election, and replace …

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Now John Kerry’s State Dept. May Stonewall Congress on Benghazi Subpoena

Now John Kerry's State Dept. May Stonewall on Congressional Benghazi Subpoena

Now John Kerry’s State Dept. May Stonewall on Congressional Benghazi Subpoena

It looks like the Obama administration has gotten to John Kerry, and it seems that Kerry will inevitably be dragged by the ear into helping the Obama administration cover up their inept mishandling and outright lies surrounding the Benghazi Terrorist Attack.

We thought that John Kerry would be one of the only stand-up Democrats that would not feel the overwhelming need to coverup other Democrat’s mistakes, and actually comply with the congressional subpoena.

We certainly hope John Kerry does the right thing, and fully cooperates with the congressional investigation into the Obama administration’s inept mishandling of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack and subsequent coverup by corrupt members of this administration.


Spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday that the State

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Lies or Just Wishful Thinking? Obama States ‘No Large-Scale Terrorist Attacks On United States’ Since 9/11

Brain-Dead Obama seems to think that there have been no terrorist attacks on the United States since 9/11.


Obama must have forgotten about the Ft Hood Terrorist Shooting Spree, the Benghazi Terrorist Attack in Libya, the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing, and other successful terrorist attacks where the bombs didn’t explode. Has Obama forgotten about the Times Square Terrorist Bombing, where the bomb just fizzled and smoked, instead of exploding? This would be considered a “Successful” terrorist attack because Obama’s people did not stop the attack before the terrorist had a chance to detonate his explosive payload.

In reality, the Obama administration has not stopped many terrorist attacks from hitting their mark inside the United States. Most of the terrorists who have attacked our nation on Obama’s watch were not caught by Obama’s terrorist loving cronies. …

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Hillary Clinton Dereliction Of Duty On Benghazi Will Damage 2016 Presidential Run

We agree with Rand Paul that Hillary Clinton should never again be placed in a position where she holds the lives of others in her hands, as she has proven to be unworthy of that responsibility, and unwilling to take responsibility for her inept handling of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack.

Unfortunately YouTube has removed these videos from their platform to hide the truth from the American People. Another coverup with the help of Google/YouTube.

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): We’ve been asking for months to interview those who were there. How can we try to prevent something like this from happening again if we don’t exactly know what happened and what went wrong there. The one thing that we do know for certain is that Hillary Clinton when she was asked, ‘did you read the cables

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Obama Admin Threatening Benghazi Witnesses at State Dept, CIA

New Secret White House Benghazi Emails May Include WH Command Cancelling Help For Fallen Heroes

New Secret White House Benghazi Emails May Include WH Command Cancelling Help For Fallen Heroes

The most secretive and corrupt administration in the history of the United States is at it again.

The Obama administration really doesn’t want the true story of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack to get out, and new reports are coming out that Obama administration officials have been Threatening the whistle-blowers at the State Dept and CIA who are scheduled to testify before Congress about the attack.

Obama and his cronies knows that their coverup of the Benghazi-Gate Terrorist Attack is teetering dangerously towards the side of the truth, and they are doing everything possible to make sure that Obama’s big Benghazi secret doesn’t get out.

At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained

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Planned Parenthood Kills 111 Times More People Than 9/11 – Every Year! Obama Says Thanks

Planned Parenthood killed 333,964 babies by abortion in 2012.
They must be happy because this is a record year for them, in which they were able to kill more babies than last year.


Planned Parenthood’s 333,964 abortions in 2012 works out to be:

  • 83491 times the number of people killed in the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack.
  • 111 times the number of people killed on 9/11
  • 30 times the number of people killed by drunk drivers in 2012.

Obama also seems happy, and in his speech yesterday he said ‘Thank You, God Bless You’ to the people who have made it their job to kill as many babies as possible, which Obama not only agrees with, but encourages.

‘Thank You, and God Bless You Planned Parenthood for killing those 333.964 babies. I hate babies! Kill them …

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Blame for Boston Marathon Bombing Falls Squarely on Obama and Democrats – Warned by Russia but Did Nothing

Blame for Boston Marathon Bombing Falls Squarely on Obama and Democrats - Warned by Russia but Did Nothing Who is really to blame for allowing the two Russian Terrorists to bomb the Boston Marathon?

The real people to blame for the terrorist attack is Obama and the Democrats, who were warned multiple times by the Russian government that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was someoone to worry about, but Obama and the Democrats ignored the warnings, just as they ignored the warnings about the Benghazi Consulate Attack in which they allowed the attack to happen, and U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens to be killed.

When will the American People wake up and realize that the root of our problems stem from the brain-dead jackasses who run our country. (Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Collins, etc)

Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but “multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev — including a second time

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