Obama & Democrats Take Dangerous Chances With Ebola Virus To Increase Chances of Political Win

Obama and the Democrats have put the entire population of the United States in grave danger once again!
This time, Obama and the Democrats have completely fucked up in their response to the quickly-spreading Ebola Virus.

The unbelievable inept and untrustworthy Democrats have denied, over and over, that Ebola was a danger to Americans, until it was too late to stop the virus. The brainless Obama administration kept the airlines bringing in many people everyday from the “Hot Zones”, and now there is no question that the Ebola Virus is here and starting to spread through the American population from undiagnosed immigrants, illegal immigrants, and others who were allowed free passage into this country, despite the red flags that should have kept them out.

The hapless criminals in the Obama administration are even playing games …

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Solyndra Execs Cover for Obama, Refuse To Answer Questions

The Democrats have started implementing the same spin-job they use when one of them gets caught not paying their taxes.
“Oh, it was just a mistake. We missed some signs that showed that there were problems with the company”

How do you miss the signs that a company is not deserving of a half billion dollar government loan, when just a few weeks earlier, the Bush administration rejected the exact same loan request. The corruption-filled Obama administration rushed to re-initiate the loan offer to Solyndra knowing full well that they were throwing the American People’s money right down the toilet, as a “Thank You” and a big wet kiss from Obama to one of Obama’s major donors, George Kaiser, and the other Solyndra executives and shareholders.

We heard Obama’s donor George Kaiser had invested $75 …

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Obama Gave Solyndra Shareholders and Executives $500 Million “Thank You” For Donations

The more that we learn about the Solyndra Scandal, the more it looks like Obama used our money to repay some of his major contributors, who were the shareholders and executives of the company who received a $500 million loan shortly before filing for bankruptcy.

POOF!!! Another half a billion dollars obviously misused and wasted by the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation.

We know that the badly failed Obama stimulus was just a veiled “Thank You” payout to the unions, in hopes that a good chunk of that money would flow back into the Democrat coffers, in the form of campaign contributions, (basically, political money laundering) but how many more Solyndras are out there?

A solar energy company that intends to file for bankruptcy received $535 million in backing from the

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