Obama’s Energy Department Ignored Treasury Warning on Legality of Solyndra Loan Restructuring

Obama Emanuel Chicagoland Solyndra Loan Restructuring Scandal

Obama Emanuel Chicagoland Solyndra Loan Restructuring Scandal

Before the Obama administration Energy Dept illegally restructured the Solyndra loan, to assure that Obama’s friends and supporters would be paid back BEFORE the U.S. Taxpayer, they were warned by Mary Miller, the assistant Treasury secretary, that doing so could be illegal, and urged Obama’s Energy Department to consult with the Justice Department before restructuring the Solyndra loan.

Obama and his Energy Department think that they are above the law though, and followed through with the restructuring anyway, without clearing the with the Justice Department.

We hope more info continues to come out, so that we can get to the bottom of how the $500 billion Solyndra loan deal, the loan restructuring, and also who in the Obama administration knew what and when. Unfortunately, most of the real …

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