Obama Department of Justice Also Secretly Monitored House of Representative’s Cloak Room

Criminals-Obama-Holder-Pledge-Allegiance-to-IslamObama’s Department of Justice – What a joke! Obama should be Impeached, and people in the Obama administration should be in prison.

The Department of Justice should be called “Obama’s Department of Corruption and Self-Preservation”, because they have done nothing but obstruct justice, terrorize Americans, and protect terrorists.

Now we learn that besides the tapping of the Associated Press, they have also been eavesdropping on members of the House of Representatives.

There is no doubt that more and more details will be coming out regarding other groups target by Obama and his corrupt administration because there were/are a threat to Obama’s presidency.

California congressman Devin Nunes made the claim yesterday

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Lawless Dictator Obama Trashes Constitution Again With Non “Recess Appointments”

Lawless Dictator Obama Trashes Constitution Again With Non-Recess Appointments

Lawless Dictator Obama Trashes Constitution Again With Non-Recess Appointments

Barack Obama continues trashing the Constitution of the United States at every turn with his administration’s many lawless actions!
The latest lawlessness portrayed by the Obama administration is their lawless “recess” appointments, which were not really recess appointments because Congress never went into recess.

The Obama administration argued that what they did was illegal when the last administration tried it, but now that Obama thinks that he has the powers of a dictator, he can do anything he wants.

RUSH: All right, some people in the e-mail have taken exception with my description of Obama as “lawless” and acting outside the

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