Weiner Won’t Quit Mayor Race After Being Caught AGAIN In New Online Sexual Tryst – Only Months After Resigning From Congress

Anthony Weiner is a complete scumbag, and the only reason why his wife is sticking it out for the time being is because she has probably been promised a lot of dirty money and a bunch of other perks for keeping her mouth shut about what is really happening in their relationship.

We think that the marriage between Anthony and Huma Weiner has been over for a while now, but they are still together mainly for the appearance, and nothing more.

I mean really.. what kind of woman would stand by her lying, cheating, scumbag of a husband after the just the first scandal, but now to stick with him after he made her look like a complete fool once again? This marriage will not last much past the election, where we hope the good …

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Dumb-Ass Illegal Alien Offended By The Use of the Word “Illegal”

Stupid Illegal Alien Scumbag Offended By The Use of the Word "Illegal"

Stupid Illegal Alien Scumbag Offended By The Use of the Word “Illegal”

So this illegal alien jackass from the Philippines, Jose Antonio Vargas, is offended that we call him an illegal alien, but many millions of Americans are offended that the laws of our nation are being ignored by illegal aliens, and our country is being invaded by millions of people who do not belong here.

Mr. Vargas IS an illegal alien who has already benefited from being in our country illegally for over 20 years, and no matter how Mr Vargas feels, if you are an “undocumented immigrant” who entered our country illegally, then YOU ARE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN – Period!

If you are offended by being called an illegal alien, then go back to your country and immigrate to the United States the …

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