Obama’s Benghazi Coverup Scandal Deepens – Obama Cronies Hiding Benghazi Survivors/Witnesses & Changing Their Names To Protect Obama Lies

Obama’s “Fake” Benghazi Coverup Scandal Deeps – Obama’s cronies are helping coverup the corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration, and making sure that nobody with information about the Benghazi Coverup will ever be found.

I wouldn’t put it past the Obama administration to have already killed the people who have the most information, but reports say that the Obama administration has been hiding Benghazi witnesses, and even changing their names, like they were in the Witness Protection Program.

These are all additions to Obama’s Benghazi Scandal Coverup – and Mr. Obama, your Benghazi Coverup DEFINITELY IS a scandal!

Unfortunately YouTube has removed these videos from their platform to hide the truth from the American People. Another coverup with the help of Google/YouTube.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was on with Greta Van Susteren Thursday to

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Senator: Corrupt Obama Security Officials Lied to Congress About NSA Spying on Americans

It seems that corrupt members of the Obama administration lied to Congress regarding the NSA Scandal, where Obama’s National Security Agency was caught spying on average everyday unsuspecting Americans.

Two corrupt Obama administration national security officials have given untruthful answers to Congress when asked about the NSA Prism Spying Scheme.

When asked “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Clapper answered, “No, sir, Not wittingly.”

“Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander did not give lawmakers “straight answers” when they appeared before Congress earlier in the year.”

All corrupt Obama Administration cronies and criminals need to be held accountable. If this means that they belong in prison, then these corrupt Obama administration national security officials need to be …

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Obama’s In-House Liar Jay Carney Is Funnier Than the Iraqi Information Minister

Watch this video. The whole thing is pretty funny, but Jay Carney actually utters the words “this administration has a record on transparency that out-does any previous administration” (question starts around the 7:00 mark)

HA!!! The Obama administration “record on transparency” is actually the least transparent, most secretive, closed, and corrupt administration in the history of the United States.

Fucking crazy! Part 1 has some nutty parts as well. Carney must think the American people are stupid, and he is certainly hoping that they can get the media back on their side. Otherwise, the rest of this scandal-ridden administration’s term may be cut very short.

Jay Carney reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, who denied that the United States Military was near Baghdad as US tanks were basically rolling by him. …

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Obama Apology of America Tour Blames U.S. For Mexico Violence – No Mention of Fast & Furious

Obama continues his ongoing Apology of America Tour in Mexico, blaming the U.S as the cause of the out-of-control violence in Mexico, not the powerful Mexican drug cartels, who have taken over the entire country, including every level of the government – if you can even call what they currently have, a government.

During Obama’s Mexican Apology of America Tour, while blaming the U.S. for the guns in Mexico that come from the United States, Obama says that we are the “root cause” of violence and guns in Mexico, but made no mention of the Fast & Furious scandal, which was run entirely by the Obama administration, where Obama’s people allowed thousands of high-powered guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels, and never tracked the guns, which have been used in many crimes, and …

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Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Forgets Murdered Border Patrol Agent’s Name

Laughable and pathetic press secretary Jay Carney starts answering a question during a press briefing by using the Democrat talking point LIE that Fast and Furious was started under the Bush administration – it was not – and then Jay Carney actually forgets the name of the murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry!

Democrats are trying to trick the American People by not making a distinction between Obama’s Fast and Furious gun walking scandal and the much different Operation Wide Receiver, which was run under the Bush administration. The main difference is that the guns used in Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver were tracked and recovered, but the guns from Obama’s Fast and Furious Scandal were not tracked, and were used to kill around 300 people in Mexico, and found at the scene of murdered …

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MSNBC Viewers Get Short End of Stick on Non-Coverage of Fast and Furious Scandal & Coverup

USBACKLASH feels that it is unbelievable that a “news” organization, such as MSNBC would keep their viewers completely in the dark about huge stories, such as the Obama-Holder Fast and Furious Scandal and Coverup, for over a year, purely for political reasons.

The sham reporters at MSNBC thought that they would be able to get away with not telling their viewers about the deadly scandal perpetrated on the American People by the Obama administration and the Eric Holder Justice Department, but they did not know that Holder would be found to be in contempt of congress, at which point they have to say at least something.

So now MSNBC has mentioned the ever-growing Fast and Furious scandal and coverup twice in the year since the news broke on respectable news stations, and MSNBC has to …

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NBC Finally Reports on “Fast & Furious” Scandal – Blame Republicans – Omitts Terry Murder

NBC Finally Reports on "Fast & Furious" Scandal - Blame Republicans - Omitts Terry Murder

NBC Finally Reports on "Fast & Furious" Scandal - Blame Republicans - Omitts Terry Murder

Thanks to the Contempt of Congress charges being readied for Eric Holder, the worst “news” channel on TV – NBC, who has been ‘in the tank’ for the Obama campaign since before he took office, has been forced to report on the “Fast & Furious” gun running scandal and coverup for the first time since the huge story broke over a year ago.

It’s unbelievable that a national “news organization” like NBC would completely ignore the huge scandal and subsequent coverup attempts by the Justice Department, even if they are a far-far left organization who usually never report negative Obama stories.

Big Gulps might be on the way out in New York, but not at 30 Rock, the home of

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Holder’s Fake Leak Investigation Not Good Enough – Independent Special Prosecutor Needed!

Holder's Fake Leak Investigation Not Good Enough - Independent Special Prosecutor Needed!

Holder's Fake Leak Investigation Not Good Enough - Independent Special Prosecutor Needed!

Does Eric Holder really believe that hiring their own inside people to investigate very serious leaks of classified security information by his friends in the Obama administration is good enough? Leaks that our intelligence people say is the “worst breach they’ve ever seen”.

Mr Holder said that he has every confidence that the people he appointed will “doggedly follow the facts and the evidence in pursuit of justice wherever it leads”, but we do not feel that this is the case, and have absolutely no confidence in Eric Holder, or anyone working for him to do the right thing.

The investigators appointed by Eric Holder are not intended to get to the bottom of the leaks by the Obama administration, and are only …

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