Brain-Dead Obama Admin Did Nothing to Stop Snowden From Leaving US, Blames China, Russia for “Escape”

The Obama administration could have revoked Edward Snowden’s passport while he was still in the United States, preventing him from fleeing to a different country, but the brain-dead Obama administration did nothing, allowing Snowden to leave the United States, but then blames China and Russia for not cleaning up the Obama administration’s mess.

It’s funny as hell to see a nutless idiots like John Kerry, and Jay Carney try and threaten China and Russia on behalf of Obama. These powerful countries are not scared or worried about what the US or Obama will do to them, because there is absolutely nothing that Obama or his cronies can do, or will do, in retribution.

To put it in other words, the world community does not respect Obama, and feel that Obama is a weak, lame duck …

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Obama Is STUPID! – Enjoy a Few Of Obama’s Many Gaffes

Obama doesn’t know how many states we have! – He thinks we have 58 states!

“I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” – at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon

How many times can Obama say “UH” in one interview?

At least 30 times in this one interview! (Must not have had a teleprompter telling him what to say)

Obama thinks that 10,000 people died in the Kansas Tornado. (actual death toll was 12 people!)

Obama was only 9,988 people off from the truth – which is still more accurate than usual, for Obama.

Obama tries entering White House through the WINDOW!

The liberal, corrupt, Obama-swooning media liked attacking Bush, as stupid, for trying to go through a locked DOOR, but at least it was a door. Obama tried …

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Modern Poverty Includes AC, Flat Screen TVs, DVD players, Gaming Systems

Take a look at the perks that the poor in our nation enjoy. (most of the people in poverty status do not pay any taxes, but seemingly rake in the perks, most likely due to free money given to them by the American People)

  • Over 65% have more than one TV
  • Over 63% have cable or satellite TV
  • Over 50% have a cellular phone

When Americans think of poverty, we tend to picture people who can’t adequately shelter, clothe, and feed themselves or their families.

When the Census Bureau defines “poverty,” though, it winds up painting more than 40 million Americans — one in seven — as “poor.”

Census officials continue to grossly exaggerate the numbers of the poor, creating a false picture in the public mind of widespread material deprivation, writes Heritage Foundation senior

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