Corrupt Obama Authorities Increase Wiretaps 71% In Just One Year – Only 12% of Wiretaps Were Incriminating

obama-spying-on-americansWhy did the number of secret Obama wiretaps increase 71% in just one year? The answer is that the Pro-Terrorist Obama would rather troll through American’s private communications of anti-administration foes to target, instead of targeting actual terrorists who plan of doing harm to the United States.

Out of 185,268 cellular phone intercepts, only 12 percent provided any incriminating evidence.

“We have a secret surveillance program churning in the background, sweeping in everyone’s communications,” – Mark Rumold of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Federal authorities’ use of wiretaps to intercept wire, oral and electronic communications in criminal investigations jumped substantially in 2012, versus the prior year, according to figures obtained by

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Terrorist-Loving Obama Admin Disregards Terrorist-Filled Mosques From Unconstitutional NSA Spying Scheme

Obama’s spies are definitely unconstitutionally spying on Americans, but will not spy on terrorists in a mosque, where terrorists hang out.

So the corrupt friend of every terrorist – The Obama administration – says that their unconstitutional NSA spy ring has stopped “dozens” of terrorist attacks, which itself is completely false, but how can the brain-dead Obama administration think that their NSA Spying Scandal would help stop terrorists if they are not even spying on the terrorists.

This proves a few things.
1) The terrorist-friendly Obama administration actively helps terrorists avoid capture.
2) The Obama administration’s spying scheme was aimed at Americans, not terrorists.
3) The inept Obama administration has …

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