Power-Hungry Nevada Highway Patrol and Henderson Police Officers Belong In Prison!!!!

Nevada Highway Patrol troopers and Henderson police officers are shown on a Nevada Highway Patrol dashboard camera video during an October 2010 traffic stop in which motorist Adam Greene was mistaken for a drunken driver, pulled from his car by officers and kicked while in a diabetic coma on the pavement.

These power-hungry and criminal “police officers” should be put in prison for their obvious crimes in the abuse of this man!!!

Adam Greene is on his stomach as a pack of police officers pile on him, driving their knees into his back and wrenching his arms and legs. One officer knees him in the ribs; another kicks him in the face.

“Stop resisting,” officers on the video yell, but Greene, his face pushed into the pavement, hasn’t resisted. He doesn’t even move — maybe

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