Worthless Weiner Boy Looks to Trickle Into Seat of NY Mayor

anthonys-little-weiner-twitter-picWeiner Boy thinks that he will throw his jimmy hat back in the ring, and run for NY Mayor.

Why would such a disgraced piece of shit, like Anthony Weiner, feel that he has any chance to win a mayoral race in NY?
Probably because Democrats and liberals have shown time and time again that they will not hold other liberals accountable for their actions and crimes, no matter how outrageous, illegal, and wrong their actions are.

Anthony Weiner’s bid to rise from the political dead is ready to begin in earnest — the disgraced former congressman will announce he is running for mayor as early as next week, according to sources.

weiner boy sexting pictures“He’s definitely running,” one Weiner ally told The Post.

After weeks of hinting at a run, Weiner has taken a major step toward

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