“Not Even Half” Solyndra Video Highlights Obama’s Complete Financial Failure & Incompetence

Watch this great video “Not Even Half”, which tells the truth about Obama and Solyndra!

President Obama has given billions of taxpayer dollars to companies that later failed—many of them were run by Democrat donors.
This is just another example of President Obama’s pattern of picking winners and losers and wasting taxpayer money.

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy – usbacklash.org

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Issa to Launch Probe of Obama’s Solyndra, LightSquared Crony Capitalism Corruption Scandals

The Solyndra and LightSquared scandals, which have been called “Obama’s Enron” by many, should be bringing about an “all hands on deck” reaction in the Republican party. We need everyone behind the push by Rep. Darrell Issa to investigate the obvious crony capitalism, influence-peddling, and corruption displayed by the Obama administration and Democrats.

“..the White House pressured an Air Force general to revise testimony before a closed congressional hearing to aid LightSquared, a wireless start-up company.”

“(Obama) administration officials met with executives from the company on the same day that CEO Sanjiv Ahuja wrote a $30,400 check to the Democratic National Committee.”

When people realize what Obama has done, these latest Democrat scandals will spell the end of the Obama administration and many of the Democrats in the next election. People will not forget about …

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