Now John Kerry’s State Dept. May Stonewall Congress on Benghazi Subpoena

Now John Kerry's State Dept. May Stonewall on Congressional Benghazi Subpoena

Now John Kerry’s State Dept. May Stonewall on Congressional Benghazi Subpoena

It looks like the Obama administration has gotten to John Kerry, and it seems that Kerry will inevitably be dragged by the ear into helping the Obama administration cover up their inept mishandling and outright lies surrounding the Benghazi Terrorist Attack.

We thought that John Kerry would be one of the only stand-up Democrats that would not feel the overwhelming need to coverup other Democrat’s mistakes, and actually comply with the congressional subpoena.

We certainly hope John Kerry does the right thing, and fully cooperates with the congressional investigation into the Obama administration’s inept mishandling of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack and subsequent coverup by corrupt members of this administration.


Spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday that the State

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Global Warming Sham: Sun, Not Man, Causes Climate Change

As we have said for years, the Earth’s changing climate has more to do with the sun and cyclical changes in our atmosphere, not due to the actions of man. The Earth goes through natural fluctuations in heat and moisture, which is just a part of natural cycle the Earth goes through.

“It’s the sun, stupid” The problem is that the cycles that the Earth goes through, which create changes in heat and moisture, are so slow that people don’t live through multiple cycles, so they wrongly assume that man is causing the changes.

Instead of looking at the truth concerning global warming, jackasses like Con-Artist Al Gore will continue using bad science, and outright lies, to push the scam of man-made global warming, so they can continue stealing money from a bunch of brain-dead …

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