Brain-Dead Democrat Rep. Schakowsky: Americans Don’t Deserve to Keep Their Money

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky says that Americans don’t deserve to keep all of the money that we make. On top of that, she says that the only reason who Obama’s “stimulus” program didn’t work is because it was too small!

Not surprisingly, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is a representative for the Chicagoland Illinois District 9. (probably one of the most corrupt districts in America)

Where do these brain-dead Democrats come from, and who is still voting for these idiots? Lets all make sure to get to the polls in 2012 and vote these jackasses out of office.

A lot of reaction Wednesday morning to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s interview with Don Wade and

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Obama Reponsible For 2 Largest Debt Ceiling Increases In U.S. History

I didn’t realize that before Obama got shoved into office, the largest debt increase was done by President Bush on March 27, 2003, and Bush only raised the debt ceiling by $984 billion.

The two largest debt ceiling increases have come from the Obama administration, in back-to-back years. Obama’s debt ceiling increase last year was the largest in the history of our country, and this new increase beats his old record by around $500 Billion.

So in two years, Obama has raised our debt ceiling $4.2 Trillion!!!!??? It makes sense, now that have to start paying for Obama’s out-of-control over-spending, which caused our financial mess in the first place.

Lets …

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